• Accounting for employees, contractors, visitors and volunteers at the click of a button.
  • In an emergency how quickly can you account for who's in the building or on the premises?
  • Better information leads to faster, informed decisions.

Is it important to know who is in your building at all times?

360SafeSolutions integrates to your companies, employee active directory and access control system or schools student information system.

With no limit to the number of visitors, 360SafeSolutions makes it easy to account for employees, visitors, volunteers and contractors that sign into your facility.

In an emergency we bridge the gap between users and first responders to inform in real time using our secure, private bi-directional communication platform.

Tags and filters can be used for streamlined up to the minute reporting.

360SafeSolutions provides a secure messaging system. Text messages, emails and even phone calls can be placed during day-to-day operations or when an organization is experiencing an emergency.