• Do you know who is in your building at all times - employees, contractors, vendors and visitors?
  • Do you have an automatic digital process to manage required documents for contractors, vendors and visitors?
  • In an emergency how quickly can you account for everyone including visitors and contractors?

Incorporation of floor plans, emergency check list, emergency action plans and other documents can be included to the 360SafeSolution platform.

With no limit to the number of visitors, 360SafeSolutions makes it easy to account for employees, visitors, volunteers and contractors that sign into your facility.

Run reports on the date documents were signed or expiration date documents were signed or expiration date, guest name or guest company.

In an emergency we bridge the gap between users and first responders to inform in real time using our secure, private bi-directional communication platform.

Users determine how they want to receive your message - text, email or voice call.

360SafeSolutions makes it easy for custom waivers, documents and non-disclosure agreements to be signed in one digitally stored location.