• Reliable communication is a key factor to improving school safety.
  • 360SafeSolutions provides customized software applications designed to provide real time communication and reporting to utilize during day-to-day communications and emergency situations.

25.4% of the university respondents said they have never conducted any type of active shooter drill on campus.

Less than half of the university respondents hold a post-event meeting after a tragedy has occured to collect lessons learned.

70% of campus safety officials believe they need more security staff, compared to the 40% of campus leadership.

We integrate into digital scoreboards and signage to allow for all communication to audiences and staff to be up to date with any emergencies before, during and after an event.

Text notification is the best tool to cut through the noise and deliver your message.

Tags and filters can be used for streamlined up to the minute reporting.

Incorporation of floor plans, emergency check list, emergency action plans and other documents can be included to the 360SafeSolution platform.

In an emergency we bridge the gap between users and first responders to inform in real time using our secure, private bi-directional communication platform.

Simply with the push of a button the user’s credentials and GPS location is sent directly to University Security and the Local Police.